Behind the Scenes: Design Collaboration


I recently launched a collection designed in collaboration with someone else, something I’ve never done before. Daisy McClellan, Co-Owner of gather, approached me with the idea earlier this year.  Harumi K had been selling at gather for about a year, and creating a collection just for them seemed like a great project.

Daisy presented me with sketches for a few styles, and we narrowed them down to three – a tank top, hi low hem tee, and kimono style cardigan. While I started working on the patterns, Daisy went on a trip to Paris and brought back some fabulous cotton prints that we incorporated into the collection.


The Tulip Tank  – in progress 100% cotton print from Paris, backed with Japanese cotton poplin. I was anxious about cutting the fabric since we only had a few yards with little room for error! Measure five times and cut once!

For each style, I created a prototype to test the fit on Daisy and myself to fine tune the details. We decided to use solid cotton poplin for the back of the tank tops. Here is one of the tops in a wonderful paper crane print, backed with solid teal. It was so satisfying to finally see the end result after months of work.


Tulip Tank in Crane Print – gather X Harumi K Collection


Since I usually work solo (save for a few hours a week when I’m lucky enough to have an intern) I was surprised how easy it was to work on designs with Daisy. We have similar aesthetic styles, but just different enough to push me out of my comfort zone. For example, the color palette of the fabrics aren’t typical for me – but I love them and I think working with Daisy has opened me up to go beyond my usually blacks, grays and blues!


Super soft Hi Low Hem Tee – just long enough in the back to cover your assets – perfect over leggings or skinny jeans.

And of course, we had to have a launch party to celebrate – along with champagne and cookies, and a tarot card reader too. It was a great way to culminate the months of work. I’m looking forward to more collaborations, and this project was definitely a highlight of 2016. If you’re in Hayes Valley, make sure to stop by gather – they carry a fabulous selection of goodies from  womenswear to mens’ tees, jewelry, and gift items, many from local and independent brands.



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