Style a Dress From Work to Party in 60 Seconds

It’s that time of year – lots of parties and opportunities to get dressed up. You want to look cute at your holiday work party, but you don’t want to drag an outfit with you on the subway, and changing at the office bathroom isn’t ideal. Here are a few ideas to take a work appropriate dress, swap out accessories and you’ve got a (almost) whole new look for cocktails! Here, we have the Daisy dress from the Harumi K holiday collection. It’s made from a stretch ponte rayon with a quilted skirt  – it’s sleek, chic and you will be comfortable wearing it all day (and night!) (from OKO Handbags). We’ve added pops of color with the orange earrings (from the La Clotherie vintage collection) and clutch and patent yellow belt. The dress is a great canvas for a myriad of accessories that you have in your closet and jewelry box.

heather_dressNow to add a bit of glam to dress it up for the party? Here are a couple pics of yours truly before a recent cocktail party I hosted for the Oakland Fashion Network. I took the same dress in another color, and added a statement necklace (courtesy of La Clotherie), a black bow belt (from my vintage stash), lacy hose and gold pumps (which I lasted barely 2 hours in, because they hurt like a MOTHER!)


There are so many different looks you can achieve with one dress and just switching out the accessories that you already own. Hope that you’ve been inspired to create a new look this holiday season! Interested in more tips, news on events, contests and more? Like us on Facebook or Instagram, and sign up on our e-mail list for first dibs on sales, contests  and more. The dresses featured above are available at select Bay Area boutiques including Urban Stitch, Secession Art & Design, and Gather.

And wishing you all a happy new year!!


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